Shein Live Stream!

Todays blogpost is a little different my beautiful friends! if you guys follow me on Instagram then you’ll know almost a month ago Shein flew me down to Los Angeles to talk about 2017 summer trends and fashion in their Live stream. Unfortunately the only way to watch it was through their app. However, i’m glad they could send me a youtube link to share with you guys!

I have been collaborating with Shein for almost a year. What i like about them is how they keep up with the latest trend and all at a very affordable price.

Also if you guys wanna know who is the person behind the camera for my blogposts everytime then go ahead and watch the video! Had such a great time with my darling friend and photographer Michelle Chang!

All this wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support of you guys. sending each one of you a virtual hug!



Hug Your Skin!


Hello my beautiful friends! I know todays post is different than my usual style post but I thought of sharing something I have been enjoying lately in my skincare routine with you guys. Around 4 years ago I use to pay least amount of attention to my skin due to which I had lot of skin care problems like breakouts, oiliness, larger pores, dark spots.. you name of any issues and I have put my skin through all of the. But then one day I realized the importance of skin care and with daily routine I observed how all of those issues had started eliminating and my skin had started thanking me for taking care of it. Then i realized how important it is on what chemicals are used in these skin care products and noticed how parabens, artificial fragrance, preservatives frees and more organic based products rejuvenated my skin. Continue reading

Lace Crochet Jumpsuit!


Hello my beautiful friends! Hope everyone is enjoying the warm summer days! In today’s post lets talk about this versatile one-piece fashion that every girl must have in her wardrobe. I personally believe jumpsuits are that one-stop-shop that can be worn all year round regardless of the season and also for any occasion. You can effortlessly create a polished outfit with this piece. Continue reading

Cold Shoulder LBD!


I have too many “little black dress” said no girl ever! It’s such a statement and must have piece in your wardrobe. I remember there was a phase in my life where if anyone would open my wardrobe all they could find was shades of black 😛 (wondering do we even have shades of Black?!) . That being said black is my favorite color! Continue reading