Hug Your Skin!


Hello my beautiful friends! I know todays post is different than my usual style post but I thought of sharing something I have been enjoying lately in my skincare routine with you guys. Around 4 years ago I use to pay least amount of attention to my skin due to which I had lot of skin care problems like breakouts, oiliness, larger pores, dark spots.. you name of any issues and I have put my skin through all of the. But then one day I realized the importance of skin care and with daily routine I observed how all of those issues had started eliminating and my skin had started thanking me for taking care of it. Then i realized how important it is on what chemicals are used in these skin care products and noticed how parabens, artificial fragrance, preservatives frees and more organic based products rejuvenated my skin. Continue reading


IrresistibleMe Hair Extensions!


Lets admit girls; we all have that love for long beautiful flowing hair. Some are lucky to be gifted with naturally long hair where some of us (like me) struggle to grow our hair cause of gazillion hair problems no matter how passionately we take care of them but they just don’t love us back enough. Continue reading

Blue Basil Botanicals Product Review


Its been a while i did a skincare product blogpost, so today i’m reviewing about this organic cream base deodorant by Blue Basil Botanicals . I have been trying this deodorant since past 2 months and i’m hooked.

I usually use skincare products that are Paraben free but i wasn’t aware about the other harsh chemicals our skin care product have till i was sent this deodorant. We all care about eating organic food but with things getting more synthetic in this fast pace world i think its time to be more careful with our skincare products too and make sure its as natural as possible. Continue reading

The GLAM Review!!


Speechless.. Honestly I don’t know how to start raving about this “HOLLY GRAIL” product today in this post. I know I’m pretty late on the band wagon but as they say “Better late than never 🙂 “ when this product was out I saw the rave about it in Sephora, YouTube, Blogs, Facebook .. You name the social media and it was on the top charts. I did wanted to try it back then but I really couldn’t come up with a good reasoning with myself that is it worth spending $69 on a 1.2 oz jar? (I know that sounds crazy). Then later my mind was off the product for a while but then last holidays Sephora came out with the limited edition value set for $79 which had a full size (1.2oz) THURSTYMUD and 2 small sizes SUPERMUD and the YOUTHMUD. And me being a sucker for good bargain I couldn’t resist and finally bought these beauties home 🙂 . So lets talk about them

First of all what I like about the GLAM GLOW products is that they are no Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates chemicals which I usually check whenever I try any new skin care products cause these chemicals can damage your skin in the long run.

SUPERMUD facemask


This mud mask is magic in a jar. It takes care of the common skin concerns that we all have like breakouts, discoloration and black and white heads. It sucks out the impurities and dirt from those clogged pores and leaves the skin feeling smooth and with a nice glow. When this mask starts to dry on your face you can see small dots on your face and that indicates that those were the most problematic area on your face and the mask is doing the work on improving your skin.

I have used the Origins mud/clay mask and compared to that, this glam glow mask suited my skin much better and didn’t leave it feeling dry.

YOUTHMUD facemask


This mud mask is good for more aged skin compared to teenagers. It really exfoliates the skin by working with the natural moisturizing collagen of the skin. After using this mask I felt my skin more tight and my pores smaller. This mask also helps clean your skin by removing impurities and not drawing out all the natural oils of your facial skin.



This mask! AH! What can I say… Its like water for your skin. When I tried this mask for the 1st time I could feel my facial skin drinking this mask and feeling hydrated and clam at the same time. It was like the Zen moment for me. If you have really dry skin then its mask is lifesaver for you. I have wore it overnight and slept like a baby in it J . Next morning when I washed off this mask I could feel my skin thanking me! I religiously apply this hydrating mask after applying the SUPERMUD or the YOUTHMUD facemask and have found really good results and improvements in my skin.

Sometimes I multimask with these 3 beauties at the same time by applying the SUPERMUD mask just on my nose and the YOUTHMUD mask all over my face. And once I wash off the mud masks I apply the THIRSTYMUD mask to hydrate the skin. It’s a great tip! Also you can check out my previous blog post on Winter Skin care routine to know more tips on how to keep you skin moisturized.

So go ahead and try out these products. Trust me its value for money! I have definitely seen improvements in my skin and people have complimented on my skin when I have no makeup on. And it’s not only for women but men can also use this mask. Sephora has a value set available for $69 (I haven’t tried the POWERMUD from this set, but I’m 100% sure it wont be disappointing). Click here


Essential Skin Care Tips During Winters

The dry, low humidity, itchy and irritated skin wintertime of the year looks like never ending. It gives some relive to oily skin types like mine but it brings tears to people with dry skin types. And no matter whatever skin type you are taking extra care of your skin is very important or it may lead to some serious damage. So lets look at the most essential winter skin care tips.

The Switch

Its very important to change the moisturizer, cleanser, mask you have been using during summers cause in summers we use products that are less moisturizing, oil free, non-greasy. But it’s very important to use products that are good in moisturizing your skin during winters.

Use cleansers, which doesn’t rip off all the natural oil from your skin and leaves your skin feeling soft, clean, and not dry. My current favorite is the Shesido purifying cleanser from their ibuki line (and it’s the best I have tried so far for oily skin)


Moisturizers are very essential and like water for your skin during wintertime. So use of good oily moisturizers will leave your skin hydrated. So go for moisturizers, which are high in glycerin and petroleum jelly. But it’s very important to reapply moistures during the day just like we reapplied sunscreen during summers. And speaking of sunscreen you’ll learn just in a few mins below how equally important it is to use during winters too. Also remember to apply good night cream or night serum before you snuggle up in those warm comforters cause your skin repairs itself at night and it would require some extra help from these products 🙂 .


Along with cleansing and moisturizing you need to nourish your skin on a daily basis to have that glowing skin. Go for fruit based face masks as they hydrate your skin and doesn’t leave them feeling dry. You buy them from a beauty store or a drugstore or can make your own face masks at home by using ripe papaya, strawberry, grapes, ripe mango, etc. Grind them in a Grinder and mix yogurt with it. Apply it on your skin and keep it for 20-25 minutes and then wash with plain water. Apply the fruit pack at least once in a week to get the best result.



Sun rays causes even more damage to your skin during winters. The intensity of sun rays on our skin are more in winters compared to summers cause the skin is not only getting hit by sunlight directly but also the snow reflects back the sun rays from the ground. So, you should go for sunscreens to avoid sunburns. You should use it each day before going out. You should also wear a hat and a nice scarf to protect your skin from drying in winter.




Having a humidifier is very important during winter’s cause it not only eliminates the statics but also help you keep your skin hydrated and keeps it soft, and not get it damaged and flakey by the dry air caused by heaters. Avoid taking a shower in very hot water, as it will provide you with a drier skin. Lukewarm water will be the best variant.

Healthy Diet

Last but the most important thing is to have a healthy and balanced diet. Dermatologists also advise to create a healthy diet plan. You should eat healthy foods rich in vitamins. They should also contain fatty acids, which will fight against your dry skin. You may go for walnuts, tuna, salmon and many others, which are high in Omega 3.