Tie Dye and Striped Maxi Dress


Yes! Another summer look even though its fall, cause it doesn’t feel like one here in the Golden State! But you can style these numbers from Amita Naithani for a fall look by just pulling over a denim or lather jacket. Continue reading


Shein Live Stream!

Todays blogpost is a little different my beautiful friends! if you guys follow me on Instagram then you’ll know almost a month ago Shein flew me down to Los Angeles to talk about 2017 summer trends and fashion in their Live stream. Unfortunately the only way to watch it was through their app. However, i’m glad they could send me a youtube link to share with you guys!

I have been collaborating with Shein for almost a year. What i like about them is how they keep up with the latest trend and all at a very affordable price.

Also if you guys wanna know who is the person behind the camera for my blogposts everytime then go ahead and watch the video! Had such a great time with my darling friend and photographer Michelle Chang!

All this wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support of you guys. sending each one of you a virtual hug!