Hug Your Skin!


Hello my beautiful friends! I know todays post is different than my usual style post but I thought of sharing something I have been enjoying lately in my skincare routine with you guys. Around 4 years ago I use to pay least amount of attention to my skin due to which I had lot of skin care problems like breakouts, oiliness, larger pores, dark spots.. you name of any issues and I have put my skin through all of the. But then one day I realized the importance of skin care and with daily routine I observed how all of those issues had started eliminating and my skin had started thanking me for taking care of it. Then i realized how important it is on what chemicals are used in these skin care products and noticed how parabens, artificial fragrance, preservatives frees and more organic based products rejuvenated my skin.

I have put INLIGHT skincare to a good 1 month test and I have felt the difference on how healthy my skin has become. INLIGHT is an artisan luxury organic skincare line from UK and use a unique blend of herbal oils in their products. They are suitable for all skin types and since they don’t have any alcohol or water in their products a little goes a long way.

Daily Facial Oil : I have never been a big fan of the facial oils and always got paranoid that it will break me out cause my skin is too oily naturally. But then I took that leap of faith so started putting this facial oil to test and to my surprise how it balanced out my oily skin and controlled from producing extra oil. I have used it under my make-up as a moisturizer and bam! I had a good makeup day where I hardly blotted my face to remove excess oil.


Line Softener : ok this is a holy grail item! I have been using this in my night time regime and I can see the difference in my skin tone cause I have a foundation one shade lighter to my skin tone which I use to make it work by bronzing and now I can see my skin has started matching to it. It has worked really well on my dark spots and uneven skin tone. And trust me girl a very little goes a long way and it smells like i’m in some spa treatment 🙂



Face Cleanser: Meh! Honestly I personally didn’t enjoy this face cleanser much as compared to the other 2 products cause in my personal opinion I don’t like oil based cleanser. I feel they leave a balmy effect on my skin and i’m uncomfortable with it. But hey if your that girl whose all about oil cleansers then this product is for you.




I’m giving away this try me set from INLIGHT , so if you want to get your hands on it then follow me on instagram Ruhistrinkets ; i’ll be hosting a giveaway on it on Thursday 7/29 (open to USA only) !


Last but the most important thing towards skincare is to be hydrated and eat healthy, cause what you put inside reflects outside! Beauty Lies Within my friends!




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